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2011: Studio Moskou

In 2011 recorded Vincent in Studio Moskou af few numbers for Jeroen Timmersman.

Listen to the result: Sounds of Gospel Bands

July 2008
The band State was a guest on the live morning radio show of Giel Beleen on 3FM. For those who missed it, you can listen to the audio clip here and check the photo out here. As you can see on the right the band recorded a video of their new single "The Last laugh". The band's bassist and composer, Tom Janssen, recently signed a record deal with Festival Record Company. For more info check The majority of the drum work done on this website was performed by Vincent. Terry Bozzio is responsible for the drumming in the 1st song on the homepage.

June 2008 is surrounded by a lot of news. Waylon won 2 nd place in Holland 's Got Talent. The drum work in the last two songs he sang was performed by Vincent. This month also saw the release of State's new single. The single was officially out, via internet, on the 16 th of June and on sale in shops from the 19 th of June.. Check out for Pauline's new website. Waylon's new website will also be available shortly. Check

April 2008: Vincent and Waylon
Waylon is currently taking part in the new SBS6 program "Hollands Got Talent". Waylon has sailed through the first round with flying clours and he has asked Vincent to be part of his live band in the show. Next week they will hit the studio for the recordings for the show. Want to know more about Waylon and all developments surrounding Holland 's Got Talent? Take a look at Hyves and of course, SBS6.

March 2008 : Vincent en Pauline
You will probably have noticed that one of the finalist of Idols 4 was Pauline. Pauline has now started a band called State, featuring Vincent on drums. In the first week of May State will be recording their first single in the Jan Vis studio. To get a sneak preview of the State sound click here for a fragment of a rehearsal recording! State will perform live on Queensday at 19.30 hours in Arnhem
(Church Square).

July 2007: Vincent goes YouTube!
Vincent can now also be heard and seen on YouTube. On the right you can see 1 of the 2 movies that are on YouTube. Click again while viewing the movie to go straight to YouTube. The Music Page has been updated with a new song to listen to. Currently Cyril Whistler, Rowdy LeMaire and Vincent are looking into the possibility of performing as a trio.. And for those who did not know ... .Vincent is also familiar with the Hyves world.